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My Distressed Story (Hunter)

One of the owners of Distressed Designs is a close friend of mine from college. We truly connected through our similar passions, while both desiring to make a difference at college. This was both with some hardships along the way.

The reason why I’m writing today is because this clothing line is a passion of his, and therefore one of mine as well. He knew in college that I lost someone very close to me to suicide. At that time in my life, he reached out to me, and all he wanted to do was work with me. He showed me so much support, and that is what this clothing company is about. It’s not only a clothing company but a COMMUNITY. It means a lot to someone when they know they’re not alone. Now, that doesn’t mean you had to have lost someone to be a part of this community. Everyone has hardships, and everyone deals with things differently. This is important to remember. It’s important not to compare yourself to others, but to focus on how to get through your own hardships. I love to listen and to be there for people who feel like they’re alone, because I want to remind people that they aren’t. I feel like this company gives us an awesome way to be there for each other.

SO, reach out if you need someone. Reach out if you’re feeling like the weight on your shoulders is too much. We’re here for you. Oh, and support the cause and buy a shirt!

Your Friend,


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