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So it Begins...

I'd like to share with everyone some insight about me, Distressed and why I chose to make it about Mental Health. As someone who's struggled with issues of anxiety, depression, bipolar and the wild ride that comes along with these, it was an easy choice to make this the brand's mission.

Those who have known me since early youth probably could share some story about where I bottled things up and then popped off at a given moment, or quite the opposite; I shut down and remained silent, alone to my thoughts. What I can say is that most of the times that something "bad" happened to me, I wouldn't necessarily know what to say or do. So I would just shut down and think to myself. When I was younger, I did not understand the concept that others did not idealize the world the way I did. Everyone sees it differently. Today, I am still optimistic and try to empathize as to not judge others, especially those whom I don't even know! The one thing I will say however, is that once I understood the concept that someone's judgement of me may not be based on me or my actions at all, things got a lot better. We are all our own people, we have the freedom to express ourselves however we want. In turn, this means that others reactions to you are also going to be based on their opinions and what they choose to see. To wrap this up simply, don't get down on yourself because you see the world differently than others. We have the choice of who we keep close in our lives, and at times it can be hard to both keep and cut those out that we believe it is a necessity to do so. In both cases, learn from the situation and do your best to communicate with those who WANT to be in your life. What I've learned thus far is that those who want to help will make it clear to you they are there to help in any situation. You just have to let them know! Community and communication is something we can not stress enough with Distressed. Don't be afraid to speak up!

Stay tuned for the next post, I'll be sharing an intimate story about some of my afflictions. I hope to shed light on the fact that what's on the surface is never the full story.

Thanks for reading guys,


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