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Why I Got Involved

The Origin story of Maria@Distressed

After stumbling upon Drew Phillipes Facebook post about him & Destan Gerhard’s brand, Distressed Designs Co., I reached out to him to express my gratitude & admiration of his work & his story. Shortly after, he invited me to model for his brand, which I excitedly agreed to! When we met we shared a bit of our stories & struggles. The first thing I noticed was how our conversation about mental health felt very smooth, which is not the case for everyone. Mental health issues often go unnoticed. I’ve been working on changing that through sharing my story & spreading awareness on mental illness & the importance of mental health. I fell into depression around 8 years ago & have recently been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After my first hospitalization in 2016, I decided to share my story in order to help others. The responses & support I have received were and still are, incredible! I have had a mass amount of people reach out to me with questions as to where to get help or shared stories of their own that they had not yet shared to a single soul. When I talk about mental health, I lay down some of my walls which can leave me feeling vulnerable. Now that I have a couple of years under my belt from sharing my story publicly, I have come to understand that vulnerability is, I believe, at the root cause of the pervasive stigma surrounding mental illness Some may wish to keep their struggles under lock & key, much like some do with other physical ailments, and that is fine... but I would like for people to at least understand that if they want to talk about it, they have the option & ability to do so. When I was in dire need of professional care I did not utilize that key until after I fell into a crisis. I have recently become apart of Distressed Design Co.’s brand! This means I can join these amazing humans in spreading awareness. I have independently shared my story for the past 3.5 years & now I can be apart of something bigger. My hopes are that this brand will become a symbol for our community, symbolizing a safe space & an invitation to talk. We’re all here together, so let’s make it better!

Expect biweekly posts which are now in the works which will include:

blogs, videos, interviews, short films & of course CLOTHING! Don’t forget to checkout our website or social media pages via Facebook or Instagram (& YouTube to come) to find something you like in order to support this cause.

Stay Loose,


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